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Hello … Good Morning.


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I posting this not to start a fight but I agree whole heartedly. I see churches order and buy a good $1000 worth of food a week for what ever reason and I think about how much that tax could feed a family for a week, or two weeks maybe a month. I See so much waste in my job though that it makes me sick.

My church spends around $1000 a week on groceries for our food pantry. That, plus food donations, makes around 70 bags. We give out one bag per household per month to an average of 250 households. The majority of the families we serve are on food stamps but do not receive enough to live on.

The food pantry is around 7% of the church’s budget. All benevolence, including the pantry, is around 25%, or roughly $200,000. We support several local shelters and organizations working to help give people a helping hand. Besides money our members also give a lot of their time.

This graphic is horribly uninformed. Yes, there are churches that don’t do enough, but many are filling the gap that government assistance leaves.

If churches are taxed to pay for food stamps who will cover the rest?

Napkin doodle.

Napkin doodle.

nprfreshair: Linguist Geoff Nunberg wonders what exactly…


Linguist Geoff Nunberg wonders what exactly students learn when they’re flipping through those SAT vocabulary flashcards —-

"Faith in vocabulary begins with the belief that every new word you learn comes tied to a new idea. But the words you study are always tied to old ones. That’s what flashcards are for, to pair exotic words with familiar ones: "amicable" means friendly, "superficial" means shallow. That’s all you need to know to answer those SAT sentence-completion questions. "They tried to interest her in many things but they couldn’t overcome her _______." Should it be (a) apathy, (b) fervor, (c) acuity or (d) aloofness? It’s “apathy,” of course — what they want you to do is fill in the blank with the word that makes the resulting sentence least interesting.”

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This is how I feel playing Cards Against Humanity.